What Previous Attendees Have Said About Re-Stór

“I loved EVERY SINGLE MINUTE. You’re both special already. Together, magic! Thank you!!!”

Attendee at Re-Stór, Dublin, June 2019

“I heard creativity and bravery. I experienced humility and service.”

Attendee at Re-Stór, Dublin, June 2019

“Safe space, fabulous people, eager to make a difference for everyone in the room. Thank you.”

Attendee at Re-Stór, Dublin, June 2019

“Great day. Great room of people. Beautifully delivered.”

Attendee at Re-Stór, Dublin, June 2019

“A super day. I feel recharged!”

Attendee at Re-Stór, Dublin, June 2019

“A wonderful heart-centred event. Great energy, insight and authenticity.”

Attendee at Re-Stór, Dublin, June 2019

“Loved it. A beautiful day, like no other. I genuinely feel restored.”

Attendee at Re-Stór, Dublin, June 2019

About Your Hosts

Shane Breslin

Shane Breslin is a digital communications and marketing consultant with two decades of experience in digital communications in the fields of media, non-profit, technology and book publishing.

He now advises companies and organisations on all aspects of digital communications and marketing strategy, with clients including the Rehab Group, Samaritans Ireland, Aphix Software, Newbrook Group and an EU joint initiative between Heritage Offices across Ireland, the UK, Spain, France and Portugal.

He is also a public speaker, podcaster and accredited life and business coach and is the founder of the Life Well Lived Project, whose mission is to provide people with the support, guidance and inspiration they need to fully explore, embrace and express their own unique individuality, and discover a life of energy, purpose and fulfilment.

Sally Murphy

Sally Murphy is a communications consultant, coach and business storyteller with 20 years experience in cultural programming and communications.

Back in 2016 she founded Murphy Communications, a full-service consulting agency working with clients including Google, Donegal County Council and several small businesses in Ireland, the UK, Europe and America. She has designed a business story workshop called The Murphy Method, delivering that in person, online and at large events.

She specialises in mentorship and training, project management, creative strategy, as well as communication services for the public, private and community sector. She sits on the Managed Business Mentoring Panel for Fáilte Ireland.

She is also the winner of the 2017 Northern Ireland Creative Industry Skills Award.

Special Guest

Conor Devine

Originally from Cookstown, County Tyrone and now based in Belfast, Conor is an entrepreneur, investor, author, plant-based wholefood Ironman triathlete and Multiple Sclerosis Survivor.

His life changed unrecognisably in August 2007 when he was diagnosed with MS. Convinced that the news was like a death sentence and that soon enough he would be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life, he struggled to come to terms with the impact of his condition on every aspect of his life.

Having questioned himself and his future for several years, he woke up one morning and made a decision backed by faith and spiritual strength — that he was going to fight his condition and take back control of his body, his mind and his life. Now dedicated to a plant-based wholefood lifestyle including a daily exercise regimen which has seen him take part in seven Ironman triathlons around the world, he has started the process of sharing his inspiring story and message with the world through books, video content and public speaking engagements. In August 2019, he was told by his medical team that his MS is now not active in his brain, which has validated his approach to his health over the last few years.

A Chartered Surveyor by profession, he is also a passionate entrepreneur and the owner of a number of business interests including a funding and debt advisory practice in Belfast and is also an investor in a number of other entities.

He has strong views on people becoming financially literate in their lives as throughout his 20 year business journey has come to find out that most people don’t understand money and finance. He does, and is looking forward to sharing some of these thoughts with the room on this topic. For Re-Stór, the principal topic of Conor’s session will be focused on health, expanding on this in two ways: how we think about our financial health on the one hand, and our physical and mental health on the other.

Wondering if Re-Stór is for you? Here are five reasons to come along on Saturday, November 9th

  • You Love Business But Sometimes You Feel You’re All Alone

    Isolation is one of the most common symptoms of running any business. Re-Stór will introduce you to likeminded business owners facing similar challenges, and allow you to build connections that can help take your business forward into 2020 and beyond.

  • You Want to Start 2020 on the Right Footing, but You Want to Make Sure You Do

    Taking place on Saturday, November 9th, 2019, Re-Stór is perfectly timed to help you get clear on some of your highest business priorities into 2020, and put together a series of commitments that will take you forward.

  • You Suspect the Internet is a Big Opportunity for Your Business, but You’re Not Sure Where to Start

    Everywhere we look we’re drowned in Internet marketing, and if you’ve been in business for any length of time you’ve probably tried website development, content marketing, social media, email marketing … but you’re not sure how it works.

  • You’d Love Your Business to Support Your Life, And Not the Other Way Round

    We’ve all heard the old jokes: it’s better to work 80 hours for yourself rather than 40 for someone else. But endless work can lead to burnout, depression and serious physical conditions. Would you like to hear why and how you should restore?

  • You’d Just Like One Day Away from the Office or Desk to Think at a Deeper Level About What You Do, and Why

    We’ve designed Re-Stór as a one-day retreat that will radically recharge your business, and your life, and the beautiful setting of Rathmullan House in County Donegal is a perfect location to disconnect so you can tune back in at a higher level.

When you come to Re-Stór, you will get…

A Space with Like-Minded Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
One Day Away From Your Business to Think Deeply About 2020 and Beyond
How to Tell Your Business Story, and Use the Power of Online to Your Advantage
Leave with the Insights to Bring Your Business Forward, and the Support to Make it Happen